Posted by: Ian Ross | January 7, 2008

CBC embraces social media to promote jPod

The CBC has smartly woven social media into its communication strategy for the new TV series jPod.

Based on the Douglas Coupland book about some quirky computer programmers, this show should gain a good following with young adults and teens. But how to reach them?

The folks at the CBC have thrown some standard ads on their network, but it appears they saved most of their energy for social media to reach their target audience. The show’s website has a link to Coupland’s website, a blog by series character Cowboy, a wikipedia, Facebook links, a 1980s shooter retro game called Defendoid, and general information on the series.

According to a Vancouver Sun article, by Tuesday when the show premieres on the CBC, web visitors will also be able to enter the jPod Lounge, “an interactive jPod set built by Capacity Networks in the United Kingdom that allows viewers to interact with characters using their own avatar; a blog by series character Kam Fong;, the corporate website of the fictional games company that employs the characters; and the jPod Neighborhood, a specific eBay platform. The difference between an eBay neighbourhood and a website with links to eBay, is that instead of taking viewers off the site to purchase a T-shirt or other merchandise item on eBay, merchandisers come to the viewers.”

Sounds like a pretty good strategy to me.




  1. Ian: Good to see you’re online! Great to have another government guy blogging.

  2. Fans are trying to save this awesome show, go to for all the info!

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