Posted by: Ian Ross | January 23, 2008

Federal NDP slowly face(book)ing the social media reality

Federal New Democratic Party members are slowly dabbling in Facebook and other social media activities.

Leader Jack Layton (8,560 supporters) and his wife and fellow MP Olivia Chow (2,347) are leading the charge with politician Facebook pages (January 18). Layton also has 1,213 posts plus videos from his recent Arctic tour.

However, the rest of the caucus is a mixed bag. MPP Libby Davies, Peggy Nash and Dawn Black have politician profiles (1,320, 462 and 305 supporters respectively) while MPPs Brian Masse and Charlie Angus have closed personal pages. MPPs Bill Blaikie, Paul Dewar and Yvon Godin are no where to be found.

The NDP homepage appears the most welcoming to social media users (compared to the other two major parties). Under the multimedia menu, there are blogging tools including WordPress NDP blog templates, videos and other add-ons. The site also offers RSS feeds, podcasts and YouTube videos – similar social media options provided by the federal Conservative and Liberal webpages.

So overall, the NDP appears interested, but not committed to putting a lot of time and energy into social media… at least not quite yet.




  1. Hi Ian…it’s very interesting to see how political parties are getting into the social media game. The party that seems to be very pro-active in using social media is the Green Party. Several of their candidates have their own blogs and I saw Leader Elizabeth May leave extensive comments on someone else’s blog ( It will be interesting to see how their social media strategy pans out.

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