Posted by: Ian Ross | January 24, 2008

Ontario Government Seeking Best Young PR Talent

Only six days left to apply for the Ontario government’s internship program. If you’re a PR student or young professional, I’d seriously recommend you take a look. This is a great opportunity to gain access into public service. Successful candidates get a two-year contract, a decent salary and lots of experience.

It doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of agency life. There are no big parties or perks. But you could be making decisions and communicating policies that make a direct impact in the lives of thousands (if not millions) of people across the province. You could even be writing for a minister or advising his or her staff.

Why am I an advocate? Well, this was the route that I entered government. Same for my wife and a few of my colleagues. For all of us, it provided to be an excellent springboard into senior positions. And a very rewarding and challenging career.

I won’t often comment on provincial government communications here since this is a personal blog. But the internship was one bit of my work history/insights that I thought deserved some broader attention.


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