Posted by: Ian Ross | March 11, 2008

Reflections of a Two-Month-Old Blogger

Two months after taking the blog plunge I’ve hit the 1,000 view mark. Not bad at all. PRVoyaguer isn’t going to revolutionize the social media scene. But I think I’ve built a small following and certainly learned a great deal.

Here are some general reflections:

  • I realized my early postings were far too long so I’ve been cutting back from an average of 500 to 250 words. I think this also fits the online format better.
  • I’ve hit my blogging comfort zone. I can write a quick post five times faster now (yes, it helps when they are half the length). And I’m not brodding over every last word.
  • I’ve kept focused on building good content and avoided the bells, whistles, twitters, etc… I may tackle them in the next few months. I also need to explore more ways to increase readership.
  • I’m still using mainstream media too much to gather up a lot of my potential subjects to discuss. Julie Rusciolelli has an interesting thought on this topic. In the future, I’ll try to comment more on news/columns from online sources.
  • My most popular blog by a mile was on PR strategies for Super Bowl ads. That one landed more than 200 views and I still haven’t figured out why.
  • I’ve kept to my three posts a week commitment – well sort of. A little generous rounding up is needed (23 posts/7 weeks = 2.555)
  • I haven’t kept my promise to comment on other blogs three times a week. I’ve made about 12, and received 12 on my own blog. So a fair trade, but something to work on.
  • I’ve enjoyed myself — a great opportunity to put on my PR thinking cap on issues outside of the office.


  1. Congrats on the milestone. (Or mille-stone, since I’m in Ottawa).

    You’re on the right track, but it’s not easy to stop checking T’rati & Sitemeter less than 1000 times a day, eh?

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