Posted by: Ian Ross | March 24, 2008

‘Obay’ Your Interest In Teaser Campaigns – Check Out This PD Event

Many folks in Canada will remember Obay, the fake drug to control the minds of teens. Advertisements for it hit Canadian bus shelters back in January. It turned a lot of heads and built a lot of buzz.

Colleges Ontario (a group representing the province’s 24 colleges) later revealed itself to be the mastermind. They slapped fake stickers over all of the posters that reflected their key messages. 1. Don’t push your children to go to university. 2. Let them choose the post-secondary that is best for them. 3. Colleges offer a good education.

The media coverage about the teaser campaign was huge before and after the big reveal (including the New York Times, Toronto Star and dozens of bloggers including Ryan Anderson and Sean Moffitt). Nothing makes a communications professional smile more, than when his ad is broadcast and published over and over again for free.

A communication success story.

Toronto PR professionals will have an opportunity to learn more about Obay from Linda Franklin, President & CEO of College Ontario, on April 2nd. She will be part of a professional development lunch panel on behaviour change and social marketing. The event is being held by the Canadian Public Relations Society’s Toronto chapter. For tickets and more information, visit here.

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