Posted by: Ian Ross | June 17, 2008

Consumers Deserve Same Attention As Reporters

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has earned my business. They are always friendly and helpful. They’ve offered small discounts when small problems arise. They’ve worked miracles when I’ve booked a car for the wrong day. And they always ask for feedback when I bring back the car. So I’m willing to be loyal to them even if it costs me a few extra dollars. And I’ve told lots of people exactly that.

On a recent road trip down the 401 in my rental car, I started thinking about the relationship between PR and customer service. We often think about customer service as a sales function. But if it is done right, isn’t it really about establishing a relationship with a key public and building two-way communication? Isn’t it PR?

Clearly, customer service can make a huge impact of word-of-mouth marketing. I’ve raved and ranted about banks, telephone services and clothing stores at parties and other events in the past.

And now in the age of the blogosphere, any individual can write about his or her experience with a company and reach hundreds, if not thousands, of other people.

Rarely does a week go by when I’m not reading about a blogger’s customer service experience. Some times it is good – like mine with Enterprise or Dave Fleet with WestJet. And sometimes not so good – like Bob LeDrew with Grand and Toy.

Which begs the question – doesn’t a customer now deserve the same attention and response as a reporter?



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