Posted by: Ian Ross | March 10, 2009

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Last July, I put the PR Voyageur blog on hold while my wife and I trekked through Africa — from Cape Town, South Africa to Niarobi, Kenya by public bus, boat and thumb. A truly amazing experience.

When we returned to Canada after three months on the road, I just never stopped – visiting friends and family, buying and moving into a new home and getting my groove back at work and in life. Whew… it seems we’ve been busier after returning then during the trip itself.

Anyhow,  I realized last month it is time to put the jumper cables to the blog or pull the plug permanently. After a good deal of toing and froing, I decided to get it up and running again and get back slowly into the social media scene. My goals are similar to before:

  • add content about three times a week
  • stay focused on PR and associated communication thoughts
  • keep the posts short (250 words or less) and sweet
  • contribute three times a week to other blogs
  • plus, an added item (cause the times are a changing), test the waters of Twitter

In a few months, I’ll do another reality check and see if I have built some momentum that can be maintained.


  1. Hey Ian… just checking in and saying hi. Glad you’re back and writing again – I enjoy reading your posts.



  2. Thanks Dave. It feels good to refocus on the blog and explore other avenues. Just a matter of prioritizing my time.
    Enjoy your posts as well. You are showing some great leadership in this field.

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