Posted by: Ian Ross | April 10, 2009

Extra Pain Is Gain For Fundraising Media Relations

I spent the day brainstorming some ideas for a fundraising event this summer. I raised about $4,500 last year for a wonderful Malawi orphan centre (Friends of Mulanje Orphans) by running the Ottawa marathon. We visited them during our three-month Africa journey and the kids absolutely captured our hearts.

So this year I want to increase the amount raised, and perhaps get a little news media attention. But the marathon isn’t going to cut it for the later objective. Maybe once upon a time, the media rewarded people who ran a marathon for a charity. But the pain of hitting the pavement for 42km isn’t enough anymore. Terry Fox taught that lesson.

Here are some folks who will get the media spotlight this year for torturing their feet and minds for a cause:

  • Richard Dunwoody from England is going to walk a mile each hour for 42 days (a total of 1000 miles) for four charities including the Alzheimer’s Society. He won’t sleep for more than 80 minutes at one time for a month and a half.
  • Linda Theron from Toronto will walk from coast to coast, performing concerts along the way for worthy causes — for the second time.
  • Natasha Peters from Ottawa is running a marathon on seven continents in seven weeks for AIDS orphans. The Ottawa Citizen just gave her some love.

Kudos to them. I’m not that crazy. So running is out as a tactic to get media attention for my fundraising efforts. Other ideas are percolating….including refocusing on social media instead. Stay tuned.

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